The Entrepreneurship Camp at the United Nations

On the first of November 2014, the Entrepreneurship Camp will get a special exposure at the United Nations Headquarters in New York: Several members of our project team will participate both as Rotarians and active supporters of the Entrepreneurship Camp at the annual Rotary Day at the United Nations.


Jan Holz, Co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Camp; Dr. Jens Unger, expert on the psychology of entrepreneurship and Project Leader in Change Management at Lufthansa Cargo; Prof. Michael Gielniek, Professor for Entrepreneurship at the University of Leuphana in Germany and Antonio Guaiana, speaker at the Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 in Haiti and General Manager of Accompany Management Trainings will appear as the panelists of the Economic Development Panel at the Rotary Day at the UN. Susanne Gellert, herself a Rotary Representative to the United Nations in New York and also speaker at the 2014 Entrepreneurship Camp in Haiti, will moderate the talks. The panel will give room for some interesting discussions as each of the speakers possesses unique experiences in terms of social projects, entrepreneurship and cross-cultural encounters. Some of the speakers will be able to share insights from the first Entrepreneurship Camp in Haiti in June 2014 and talk about future projects. As we are already planning the Entrepreneurship Camp 2015, taking part in the Rotary Day at the UN is a fantastic opportunity for us to share our idea with others and receive input from like-minded and experienced individuals.

MoUNre than 1300 Rotary members, leaders and officials from the United Nations, UN affiliated Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and guests come together at the annual Rotary Day at the UN. If you happen to be there, we hope to see you at the Economic Development Panel. If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to drop us a message.

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