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In preparation of the celebration of 15 years of help alliance, it became all the more obvious that the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp is one of the key projects.
There are only rare projects which carry such an enthusiastic spirit, fueled by the voluntary engagement of mainly young supporters. And help alliance was very happy to help with all means, to bring the pilot project to success.

The camp could have been led by experts and consultants with all their expertise and measurements and strategies. But it were the fresh, creative and genuinely motivated young people who moved the potential entrepreneurs. Triggering them to think out of the box, discuss and explore all aspects of their strategy, the speakers could transfer Valuable knowledge to individual business plans.
The trick? To me it seems to be the empathetic capability of these committed volunteers which reached the participants, picking them up where they are, walking and working with them along their specific needs.
The personal bondage remains throughout the mentoring program, supporting the participants further in their next steps. They can´t wait to have the next camp introducing them to more in depth training.
The help alliance will again support this entrepreneurial project, with logistics, finances and publicity. Please watch out for this project on
Edith Lanfer, help alliance project management, Frankfurt 20.11.2014

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