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The very much anticipated Second Entrepreneurship Camp in Haiti was commenced today by an opening speech of Jude and Jan, the Haitian and German founders of the project, who introduced the Entrepreneurship Camp and international group of speakers that are going to lead the workshops in the next few weeks to the participants.


The following opening session was held by Mike Veney, who used the time for some motivational advice and team-building activities. Mike stressed the importance of cooperation for all entrepreneurs: “As an entrepreneur, you cannot do everything yourself. If you work in a team, you will get much greater results. A team of 1 person plus another 1 does NOT equal two. It equals 11!” To depict the importance of team cooperation, he lend an instrument to play to each one of the participants – in the end there was no doubt that a good piece of music – or work – makes more noise when you are not the only one playing, but that it also requires coordination to sound well. The most important advice, of course, was to face challenges with a can-do-attitude: “Don’t just talk about it, do it!”

Mike's drumming exercise

Mike’s drumming exercise

Broaden your Network

The fact that the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp not only provides an opportunity to learn, but an amazing chance to broaden one’s network, meet new people and even find co-founders, was presented by two of its alumni. Abner and Jimmy, who joined the new participants during the opening session, met at the Entrepreneurship Camp of 2014. Developing ideas together, they joint forces and are now successfully running a business together.

More good news to come…

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