Challenging your business

Second project phase will focus on practical work.

During almost three weeks of break since the first project phase, the participants have used the inspiration of the first workshops and continued working on their own businesses. At the same time, the team for the second project phase got prepared for the following workshops and landed in Port-au-Prince with a packed schedule this weekend.

In order to get the best out of the short time available, we will work very interactively: The participants will work in two groups, one for start-ups and one for advanced entrepreneurs. Each group will be work with two speakers, who are going to challenge each participant’s idea and business. Having very experienced business people at hand, we are fully prepared to start our sessions and accompany each entrepreneur’s business development.

As I was not in Haiti during the first workshop phase, I am particularly excited about the elevator pitch, in which participants present their progress. Getting to know the participants personally and contributing to the second project phase as a camp manager is a great honour for me. After all the months of planning and writing emails, working on the ground in Haiti with all the volunteers and entrepreneurs is very rewarding.

I will keep you up to date!

Best regards from Port-au-Prince,


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