✓2nd module ✓Progress ✓Exhaustion

Good news does not travel so fast – especially when the internet connection is down*. But here is the good news from Edith:

The second module of the camp was incredible. As mentioned earlier we really tried to challenge the participants and maybe one or another entrepreneurial dream broke. But we always encouraged them to work on progress today rather than to wait until tomorrow. We brought a certain dynamic and discipline into the group, challenged everybody on analyzing clearly where they stand. Their comments on this week show that everybody has found their focus. And this is a great step.


Moreover we always emphasized the networking aspect and gave them some advice how to go about it. This and the socializing program did a lot to strengthen the group and the third and last module in August will show how the participants will have evolved together.

We are all leaving a bit exhausted, but also proud and happy.
All the speakers that have been to Haiti by now are going to work on suggestions for the speakers of the 3rd module, to round up a super successful camp.

Best regards from Port-au-Prince


*Our camp manager Edith and online editor Lea had to communicate between the Caribbean from Haiti to San Andres Island for you to read this post. As the internet was down at the University in San Andres, it took a while to get this to you. Nevertheless, working in an international environment is invaluable!

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