Third Kick-off in Port-au-Prince

On Tuesday, we officially kicked off  the 3rd week of the 2015 Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp. Speakers travelled from around the globe in the great anticipation to achieve the utmost together with our participants and the local Haiti entrepreneurship crew. A new motivated team is leading the modules Finance, Marketing and Business models.  Based on the previous two sessions in June and July, participants were recommended to take part in the module which seems most necessary to them. In the module marketing, we covered the 4 P’s,  where participants were asked to apply this crucial concept to their individual business models. They also developed their own customized questionnaire to survey their potential target group. Some of the participants already showed great potential and improvement in comparison to the last session. In the module finance, Alex and Martin focussed on teaching the basics of cost management and profit calculation. Bruno has started to work on his participants self presentation as well as their business idea presentation. In summary, they have successfully learned how to present the most vital information in an easy way while keeping the audience excited. We are quite exhausted, but look forward to tomorrow.

Best regards from Haiti,


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