Entrepreneurship Camp


The second edition of the Entrepreneurship Camp ended in August 2015 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In June 2014, our first Entrepreneurship Camp took place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The two-week free workshop was run by Devoted Servants in partnership with Rotary and Lufthansa HelpAlliance, and last but certainly not least our organizing team.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is a hand-on learning experience designed to guide the young Haitian entrepreneurs in expanding their business. It incorporates a variety of educational training techniques including classroom instructions and interactive activities.


The Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 was designed to empower young Haitian entrepreneurs by enhancing them with business skills and strategies, and to provide them with the tools and confidence needed in order to run a successful business and retain sustainable profit. The idea was to enhance knowledge and capacity on entrepreneurship and leadership not only to help the entrepreneurs’ professional development but also to boost their personal skills and to inspire.

Joel Bo Nexil:

Joel Bo Nexil: “The camp was excellent. Great team, all the speakers were excellent, all the concepts, topics, were actually things that I used to do on a daily basis but now I have a different, much more methodological approach about it.”

Target Group

The Entrepreneurship camp supports young entrepreneurs who are already running a business as well as those who are in the starting phase to fill the lack of technical knowledge necessary to succeed.

The Project

We truly believe that sustainable development and long term business can only grow successfully from within. Numerous development projects failed due to thoughtless transfer of concepts, regardless of differences in culture, stage of knowledge and infrastructural implications. Our claim “driving business – driving future” is both concept and aim. Although the primary aim of our project is to empower entrepreneurs, the mutual benefit for the speakers present at the entrepreneurship camp and the various partners involved cannot be overlooked.

Speakers get the opportunity of getting actively involved in a social project and of sharing their own business expertise while at the same time growing in terms of intercultural experience. Getting the chance of such close encounters with like-minded individuals from around the world, and much more than that, getting to know the business culture of the participants is a truly enriching experience.

For our partners, supporting our project is a wonderful example of CSR sponsorship. Moreover, the enriching experience of our speakers represents an excellent opportunity for personnel development.

3 Comments on “Entrepreneurship Camp

  1. J’ai pas vraiment un commentaire. Je voulais tout juste prendre part dans cette initiative.


    • J’ ai grandement apprécié l’idée, qui n’est autre qu’un moyen de projeter les jeunes face à l’avenir.


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