Our goal is to foster development through Entrepreneurship. We are a group of highly motivated individuals from around the world of various professions who came together with local Haitian entrepreneurs and dedicated partners in order to mount the first Entrepreneurship Camp in Haiti 2014.


Exchange knowledge and build relationships with entrepreneurs to empower them to develop prosperous independent communities and turn around struggling economies.

  • Exchange knowledge: We believe that by learning from each other, we can realize the biggest impact. Our Workshops are conducted on an eye-to-eye level and we are aware that not all of the tools used in our home markets are applicable in other cultures and countries.
  • Build relationships: Help is not a one-time activity; we want to establish continuities and sustainable support for our entrepreneurs on their way to success. Furthermore, we see it as an exchange with our camp as it shows us how much our participants also have to give to our speakers and to us as organizers, hence, we strive to develop relationships as equals.
  • Struggling economies: We fundamentally believe in the potential of entrepreneurship to drive positive social change in developed as well as developing economies. Many economies live through boom and bust cycles but we see our biggest ability to leverage help in economies that are intrinsically struggling and not only experiencing cyclical downturns.
  • Empower: Our goal is to invest in future leaders who have a proactive approach towards taking responsibility for their lives, understanding the risks necessary to achieve significant advances,  aiming to achieve independence from external help, and becoming sources of change and inspiration for their local communities.
  • Develop prosperous independent communities: We don’t look at individuals in isolation but instead want to have a positive impact on larger societies. Economic growth is our preferred tool to ensure that these societies can develop into strong, self-reliant communities.

Meet Our Staff:

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Camp here.

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